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    Fashion Square Boutique is an exclusive place, where you can find various and unique clothes and accessories made by Lithuanian designers. We give the opportunity to see, find and choose the best clothes, jewelry, accessories and home decor details in a cozy and stylish space. Every garment, accessory or home decor is made for you. There are over 30 different Lithuanian designers in the boutique, introducing different styles, that everyone could find their own style, their own wishes.

    Fashion Square boutique enjoys dynamism, and we are constantly looking for new authors, new solutions and unremarkable sensations. Let's meet in Fashion Square Boutique, find and feel the works of Lithuanian designers and discover the extraordinary detail of their style!

    We are waiting for your:

    Fashion Square boutique NORDIKA (PS Nordika, Vikingu St. 3, Vilnius) is waiting for you everyday 10-21h.

    If you have any questions, please contact us: 

    Emai: info@fashionsquare.lt

    Tel: +37065511158