CELSIUS 273 kaklo papuošalas

  • Kraunamos nuotraukos
  • Celsius 273 is the temperature that makes sense for the most severe climate in the universe. -273 C. Silence and eternity.

    Material: Cement and a few other hidden ingredients that make this architectural art extremely lightweight, durable and attractive for jewelers.

    History: Celsius 273 Cement jewelery is a synthesis of thoughts and visual expression, urban architecture that fits in the palm of your hand. Every jewel in itself hides the story. That's what we know, we live in, we breathe. The history that belongs to the city. The details make sense of the memories that have survived here in a world whose horizons are hiding unrecognizable aspirations, disagreements of people and things. Between the concrete streets and the volcanoes facing people, we have created sketches of cities that lay between fingers, warming and reminiscent of the fact that life is hidden in the walls of concrete cities that protect the inspiration of the bumps on our bodies. It is an inspiration to create life and moments in order to remain part of our architectural urban history forever.